SOLD! Ruger Y Vulkan XVIII ( homozygous Roan Rn/Rn)

SOLD! Ruger Y Vulkan XVIII ( homozygous Roan Rn/Rn)

  • Breed: Austrian Noriker
  • Sex: Male
  • Date Of Birth: 07/16/2023
  • Ready To Go Home
  • Weeks Old: 47
  • Registration: Austrian Noriker
  • Status: Available
  • Price: Call for price


SOLD! Ruger is the first purebred Austrian  Noriker to be born in the USA. He is homozygous black, and homozygous roan. Bred to any color he will always throw roan.  A great addition to your breeding program!


Helen of LAR

Mother of SOLD! Ruger Y Vulkan XVIII ( homozygous Roan Rn/Rn)

Helen is a 4/3/2021 imported purebred Austrian Noriker. She is blue roan. Super sweet and chill. She will be ready to start under saddle next year. Be a part of establishing an exciting new breed in the USA! She has been bred to Racino for a 2024 blue roan foal!

Racino R Vulkan XVIII Standing Stud

Father of SOLD! Ruger Y Vulkan XVIII ( homozygous Roan Rn/Rn)

Racino R Vulkan XVIII Is an imported purebred Noriker. He is currently the only homozygous roan Noriker stallion in America. His pedigree goes back 2500 years. He is homozygous for Roan and Black Rn/Rn E/E. You are guaranteed roan if you breed to Racino! He currently stands 16.2 hands and still growing, his first foals arrived in 2022 and they are lovely! If you are looking for the blue roan with lots of bone structure and width and good hair, and calm curious temperament, that are versatile for riding, driving and working. The Norikers are a versatile, docile Coldblood draft breed used for, riding, dressage, pleasure and competitive driving as well as logging. They are very calm, curious and non reactive. They adapt easy to all climate types. Prior to getting on the plane to fly to LA Ranch Florida, Racino was grazing in the Swiss alps. All of our Noriker s have adjusted easily with no issues to the heat and lower elevation in Florida. They are a very hardy breed with few health issues. All of his foals are eligible to register With American Noriker Horse Registry. We have some of his purebred foals due for 2023 and several crossbred with our Percheron mares and our Friesian mares, we also have 2 of his babies from 2022 out of registered percheron mares. See their profiles. We hope you will join us and be a part of establishing the Norikers in America.

you will love the Norikers!